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Abelló, cabinet makers



From the beginning, Abelló's history has been enrolled to an objective: make your illusion become real.

We take care of customer desires and we make them real.

Over 60 years of cabinermakers, and quality has been our guide, together with splendid suppliers for raw material and components.

This know-how has allowed us to be a This know-how has allowed us to be a Certified Fabricator DuPont™ Corian®.


The confidence of our customer and suppliers have enabled us to evolve and update our resources, according to the new requirements.

Abelló offers you those resources, working in three ways:

  • The Team: offers you the best product management, from the early design to the final installation.

  • Technical Department: to analyse and develop the project; people who offers you new ideas and capable to understand your want.

  • Machinery: last generation machinery, operated by qualified operators to extract the maximum of them.


A complete project leads a process which began with the initial idea and ends with the final delivery and installation of the furniture.

Along the process, there is a team in charge of the design, the panification and production of each part of the project, with an only end: the customer's satisfaction.

We are specialist in design and production of wardrobes, bathroom and kitchen countertops, desktops, showcases and every kind of furniture you can imagine.

Each project has a work-flow, stepped in several phases and finished at the final montage. At Abelló we will be in charge of all over the project; you just have to transfer us your desires.


Abelló has the facilities and the experience to let your ideas become to reality. We have the latest technollogie and also the craft tradition, we work the noble materials as well as the innovative ones. Decades of experience let us to give you ideas and cabinet maker solutions. Your imagination is the limit.


Unlimited freedom of design, our identity.



Located at Cuarte de Huerva, close to Zaragoza, well communicated and taking advantage of the main terrestrial corridors which pass through Aragón. The factory has large facilities and modern machinery to handle the noble materials (oak, walnut, ash…) as well as t he innovative ones (DuPont Corian), making creative and excellent furnitures. In our factory yhe furniture is developed and manufactured integrally, included the metalic and electrical process.

  • Abelló factory, warehouse and cabinetmaking
  • Abelló factory, warehouse and cabinetmaking
  • Abelló factory, warehouse and cabinetmaking
  • Abelló factory, warehouse and cabinetmaking
  • Abelló factory, warehouse and cabinetmaking
  • Abelló factory, warehouse and cabinetmaking
  • Abelló factory, warehouse and cabinetmaking
  • Abelló factory, warehouse and cabinetmaking
  • Abelló factory, warehouse and cabinetmaking
  • Abelló factory, warehouse and cabinetmaking
  • Abelló factory, warehouse and cabinetmaking
  • Abelló factory, offices and cabinetmaking
  • Abelló factory, offices and cabinetmaking


Technical office

Advise, plan and develop a bespoke project needs the necessary resources in order to achieve the quality and time delivery objectives of the project. Abelló has created his Technical Department to achieve all your objectives.

We use 3D software to modelate your ideas and check the design before the manufacturing.

It does not matter if your project is a single furniture or a large installation, a classic or modern project, natural wood or Corian®, we offer our Technical Department to advice you without compromise. Professionals of the design, the interior design or the architecture and also individuals have been using it for some time.

Technical Department: design and manufactuire using Corian®


Abelló uses his large experience, the current technology and the continuous training of workers to offer you the excellence at your projects, by our own manufacturing using both natural wood or acrylic or other modern materials.

Acrilic Corian®

DuPont™ Quality Network, Certified Fabricator

Abelló is a proud member of the DuPont™ Quality Network, Certified Fabricatork. Esto significa que cuenta con la confianza certificada de una marca tan prestigiosa como DuPont™ para el tratamiento de sus materiales.

The DuPont™ Quality Network offers to their members the necessary training and support to offer to our customers receive the maximum warranty of quality.

The Corian® brand represents the excellence when talking about modern materials for interior, furniture and arquitechture and Abelló is Certified Fabricator to use Corian®.



Abelló uses natural woods from our beginnings, 60 years ago.

The fine natural woods gives an special appearance to the furniture. Abelló uses PEPC or FSC certified woods.

The natural wood made furniture are bespoke pieces, and Abelló has the infrastructure and the knowledge to make unique furniture, with exceptional quality.


Other materials

Abelló uses glass, iron, stainless steel, copper, brass and other metallic materials in combination to wood or Corian, to meet the customer illusion.

Upholstery and illumination

To deliver a satisfactory project we take care of additional processes. A very important one is the upholstery, in cloth or natural leather. Another one is the illumination, with a classical or modern style. The objetive is to give a complete service.